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Green Energy Doors Open Wants You

Monday, September 9th 2013 10:51:36am

Join with Your Fellow Sustainable Energy Leaders and Sign Up to Participate In the Second Annual Doors Open Day

(September 9, 2013) The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) is building on the success of the first Green Energy Day that was held in 2011, by hosting a second province-wide renewable energy showcase. Green Energy Doors Open is being held across the province on Saturday, October 5th. The goal is to have a presence in 50 Ontario communities. To become a host, explore where the sites are, or become a sponsor visit www.greenenergydoorsopen.ca.

“To date there are 20+ hosts but we want to encourage more Ontarians to participate in Ontario’s Green future. This is an opportunity for homeowners, business owners and farmers to step up and showcase the successes they have had with their Feed-in Tariff, conservation and green transportation initiatives,” explains Kristpopher Stevens, OSEA’s Executive Director.  “The idea is simple: we want to encourage local renewable energy and conservation projects big and small to open their doors.”

Participating is easy. The site owners decide how they would like to showcase their energy project. In the past people have done live demonstrations, hosted workshops, shown movies and done tours. The goal is to inspire Ontarians to move toward a greener future for the next generation. Whatever the event, more Ontarians will learn about the benefits of Green Energy.

Host benefits include: a comprehensive guide for organizing the event, literature and informative brochures for the event and give away items.

Ontario has established itself as a leader in renewable energy in North America. We were the first province to get rid of dirty coal. So far Feed-in-Tariff projects have created more than 28,000 new green jobs and we want to see that trend continue.

We look forward to seeing even more people sign up. Help OSEA surpass its goal with this important and fun day that celebrates Ontario’s green future. Visit www.greenenergydoorsopen.ca and sign up today.

For more information please contact Nik Spohr at 416-977-4441 ext 3.

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) is Ontario’s lead advocate, facilitator and catalyst for sector transformation and the transition to a more sustainable energy economy.  It champions policy and regulatory change for a more sustainable society powered, heated, cooled and transported by a portfolio of sustainable energy.