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Where is the Ontario Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff program?

Monday, November 19th 2012 9:30:29am

Interview Opportunity - Week of November 18, 2012

What: Where is the Ontario Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff program?

Who: Kristopher Stevens, Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

To arrange interviews contact:

Kristopher Stevens @ 416-303-1201 or Kristopher@ontario-sea.org or
Geoff Taylor @ 416-977-4441 x6 or Geoff@ontario-sea.org

Talking Points & Background

• The last release of an Ontario Feed-In Tariff (FIT) contract for renewable energy took place 16 months ago in July, 2011.  
• No new projects means the jobs manufacturing components and building projects, involving skilled trades are in immediate jeopardy.  
• How many businesses do you know that can survive a year and half without any new business?
• The Ontario government encouraged manufacturers to set up shop here, setting up domestic requirements for solar and wind projects--investors including Ontario residents, communities, and aboriginal groups, as well as domestic and international investors, have injected almost $30 billion into our economy.
• It is important to remember the important contribution FIT has made. When FIT was launched in 2009, Ontario’s automotive sector was on life-support. While the rest of the world was struggling to just pay the bills, Ontario via FIT attracted significant investment to communities across Ontario to protect our manufacturing base and develop local projects.
• Do we want to give up the advantage of being a “first mover” in North America and ignore the people and organizations that stepped up to invest in Ontario?