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Toronto Cool Roof Summit² presents benefits of white roof technologies

Tuesday, December 6th 2011 10:50:04am

Media Advisory

The Cool Roof Summit2 will feature industry experts speaking on the benefits of the emerging technology known as Reflective White Roofs. White roofs lower heating and cooling bills to save building owners and operators significant amounts of money.

Most Canadian roofs are dark-colored. In the full sun, the surface of a black roof can increase in temperature as much as 50 °C (90 °F) over the surrounding air, reaching temperatures of 70 to 90 °C (150-190 °F).

This excess heat can contribute to:
• Increased energy use for cooling and higher utility bills;
• Higher peak electricity demand, raised electricity production costs, potentially overburden power grid;
• Increased air pollution from additional energy consumption related to cooling;
• Premature deterioration of roofing materials; and
• Increased roof repair and maintenance costs, and unnecessarily high levels of roofing waste sent to landfills.

Come and learn more about this energy saving roof coating alternative for your building, at a time when the City of Toronto is considering amending its policies on green roofs to include cool roof materials.

• George Daisey - The Dow Chemical Company on the technology of reflective roof coatings
• Dr. Hashem Akbari - Concordia University on reducing energy consumption with cool roofs
• Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza (by Video Link) - Founder, New York City’s White Roof Project
• Jim Harris - Author & Management Consultant on white roofs and the environment

• Jonathan Ursini - Director Business Development - TIOCOAT - Division of DuRock (Woodbridge)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
8:30 AM - 11:00 AM (Registration at 8 AM)
Continental breakfast provided.

Pre - Event Registration is requested at: WWW.TIOCOAT.COM

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Dominion Ballroom
123 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M5H 2M9

For more information contact: Don Huff at Environmental Communication Options at (416) 972-7404

Cool Roof Summit2 Sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company


About DuROCK Alfacing International Ltd.

DuROCK Alfacing International is a Canadian family owned company that has been providing its clients around the world with the finest quality interior and exterior finishing systems since 1980. The company's broad range of products and systems, including stucco, decorative floor and wall coating, and roof coverings, are subjected to extensive research and rigorous testing to ensure they withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. Please visit http://www.durock.com/.